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wolfWolf Wild animal belonging to the dog family (genus canis), which was widely distributed over the northern hemisphere. Fossil remains found in limestone and in sedimentary deposits in Europe and North America, and also in ash veld beds in California indicates that the wolf was larger than the present day animal .

In appearance the wolf is similar to a German shepherd dog. Being carnivorous wolves have been hunted by man for centuries for eating their sheep, deer, cattle, and many other wild domestic animals. It is also believed wolves mate for life, and for a time after the young are born live together in a family unit , where the male hunts for food and carries it to the female and the young until they are able to hunt together .

At about a year-old the wolf begins to run in packs at various seasons during the year. The European gray wolf had a wide circumpolar distribution; and was found throughout most of Europe, Asia, and North America. The body length of the males is 50 to 60 in. long, and weigh over 100 lbs. (in North America they're often called timber wolf), however there are some more southerly ranging, the Texas red wolf is smaller and apparently not directly related to European wolf. In the Arctic regions of North America can be found the White Wolf. Also some species wolves are found in parts of China and Japan.

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