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platypusPlatypus, or duckbill From the family of (Monotremata), of the most primitive living group of mammals. The closest ally being with the spiny anteater. Found in Australia only, this egg laying mammal, including the 5 or 6 in. tail. The feet have five toes that tall but the coat is thick dark brown fur consisting of a coarse outer coat and woolly underfur. It's duck bill shaped and model is covered and with a soft and leathery skin which has sensitive nerve endings. They have no external ears, and their eyes are small.

The heel of the male as a poison secreting gland ; believed to be used as a weapon. They feed and prey on small fresh water animals, and are stored in cheek pouches then taken to the surface , where the platypus being semi aquatic feeds. Both sexes live by the streams where they build a small burrow , but during the breeding season the female makes a larger burrow for with an extra chamber for the young. One, two, or three eggs are laid. The young lick the fur around any aboriginal openings of the mammary glands because the female platypus lacks teats . It is considered the platypus is link between the mammals and reptiles.

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