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pandabearPanda (Ailurus) also known as the lesser panda and the cat bear, resembles the related raccoon but has a longer body and tail and a more rounded head. The firmer is rust to deep chestnut with black limbs, and ears; their eyes have dark patches around them on a white face.

Most of this time is spent in trees. It is mostly found in the Himalayas, and a Chinese a species in habits Yunnan, Szechwan , and North Burma. The Giant panda (Ailuropoda) lives in the bamboo forests of Szechwan and Kansu at altitudes between 6000 and 14,000 ft..

Few authorities classify the panda as a member of the raccoon family, others place it in a separate family. The bear like body is chiefly white, the limbs of brownish black, with the dark color extending up over the shoulder. There ears and eye patches are black. Adults weigh from 200 to 300 lbs and are four and a half feet to 5 ft. long with a 5 in. tail , it also feeds on bamboo shoots. In captivity is gentle and playful but sleeps much of the time and does not survive for long.

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