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finchFinch Common name for the fringilliadae, the largest family of birds (including over half the known species), lives in most parts of the world except Australia.

Finches are characterized by their stout, conical bills, which are used to open seeds that form the bulk of their diet . They are valued as destroyers of weed seeds ; a few also eat harmful insects .

The Finch is considered the most highly developed of the birds , are widely diversified; they are classified into three groups: those with small, triangular bills, such as the Canary , sparrow , bunting , towhee , junco , and those birds specifically named Finch (chaf Finch a call the bull Finch , and gold Finch) .

Those with thick, rounded bills, as the grosbeak and the Cardinal; and the cross bills, northern birds whose mandibles, their name implies, cross over at the tips, and an adaptation suited to their diet of conifer seeds, unlike insects, are not influenced by whether , many of changes are year-round residents in colder areas .

The sparrows , which are field and hedge birds, are inconspicuously covered in dull grays and browns, but among other, and tree perching finches the male is often brightly plumaged ( though the female is extremely dull or sparrow like). Most finches (except the meticulous gold Finch) build sloppy Cup shaped nests for their four to six speckled eggs speckled eggs .

Gold finches, named for the bright yellow markings in the male , are found in Europe and America. The common American Gold Finch is a everywhere on the continent except in the far north. There are several Western species the British Gold Finch is cinnamon brown with black and yellow wings and a red face. Gold finches are cheerful, musical birds, though the so-called gold finches commonly kept as cage birds are Finch like members of the Weaver bird family.

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