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crowbirdCrow This bird is partially migratory, it is of the same family as the blackbird, the Raven, the magpie , the jay , and also the rook and the jackdar of Europe. The common crow in America is a round 19 in. long, with a wingspan of over 3 ft.

They often eat other birds eggs and nestlings and grain, but also destroyed many harmful insects and rodents. In the winter these birds gather at night some in as many as eight thousand or more in communal roosts. They can be easily tamed and learned to mimic some human sounds.

There throaty 'caww' is familiar , although they can produce a musical warble . The fish Crow of the Atlantic's and Gulf coasts is smaller than the common crow . The carrion crow of Great Britain is a flesh eating bird its size is longer at 18 to 20 in. long.

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