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Beaver Lodge and Den

Beaver Dens

The den is built in earth on the side of a large river. This happens where the beaver cannot find a suitable place to build the much preferred lodge which is built out of branches and mud. Bank burrows (dens) have an opening under the river level and raise up over the river height and burrow back 25 feet or they can be as small as 6 feet, depending on the size of the family, the living area can be large.

Beaver Lodge

beaverpondsmallLodges can vary in size housing 5 to 8 beavers and large colonies of 12 beavers. Bank dens are common even with a lodge, in case of rising water levels or the beaver not being able to get back to the lodge. Late summer is the time beavers start building lodges. A tunnel is constructed from the lake bottom up the surface. Sticks are placed around the outside and then a covered and plastered with mud, clutching the pasty material in the forepaws the beaver is well equipped to carry on finishing the outside of the lodge. Inside work goes on making two living areas and a low point platform area is made where the beaver enters. They gnaw away at the inside branches creating a small room measuring 5 feet across and 2 feet high. Another area that is kept dry is a little higher. beaverlodgeinspringsmal This is where the beaver sleeps. Air comes in through an area at the top which has not been plastered. During winter warmer air can be seen venting out through these holes while the rest of the lodge is insulated by the wood and plastered mud. Beaver lodges can be up to 50 feet at the base and rising 10 feet out of the water have been recorded. Every member including kits work on the lodge, most of the work is completed by the adults.


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