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bald-eaglebirdEagle, Large predatory bird be longing to the Hawk family, found in all parts of the world. Eagles are similar to the buzzard Hawks, but they are larger both in length and wing span (up to seven a half feet) and their beaks on nearly as long as there head.

They are solitary birds, said to mate for life. The nest is called an aerie, made of twigs and sticks is built at a vantage point high in a tree or on a cliff in a permanent feeding territory and is added to it year after year . The eaglets (usually two) do not develop adult markings until the third year, when they leave parental protection and seek their own mates and territories.

The American bald eagle Is found it in all parts of North America near water and feeds chiefly on dead fish (sometimes robbing the osprey's catch) and rodents. The plumage is dark brown white head, neck, and tail. The northern species (chiefly found in Canada) is slightly larger than the southern, which ranges throughout the United States.

The mountain Eagle or the Golden Eagle is widespread in the northern hemisphere, in the United States and found mostly in the West. In Asia it is trained to hunt small gain. The adult is sooty brown with tawny head and neck feathers; unlike those of the bald eagle, its legs are feathered to the toes.

The gray and steller sea Eagles are native to colder areas of the northern hemisphere , the king or imperial eagle to South Europe and Asia, and the rare monkey eating Eagle to the Philippines. The harpy or harpy eagle , of Central and South America the largest (38 in. long) of the hawks , eats macaws and the sloth. In Greek myth it was called the winged monster, and the "winged wolf " by Aztecs .

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