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Grizzly bear

The Brown bear. (Ursus arctos) Today their range is much smaller, from the Pyrenees and the Alps of Europe and right across Asia, in parts of Japan and China, to Siberia, through Alaska and south along the western half of North America.

The North American Grizzly is a sub species called (Ursus arctos horribilis) from the brown bears that first arrived on this side of the continent 15,000 years ago. Other names for the grizzly are Alaskan brown bear, and Kodiak bear.

Grizzly habitat

For thousands of years the plains and prairies was the domain of the grizzly, digging up roots to feed they developed there powerful hump of muscle over the shoulder which distinguish them from the Black bear. Today the grizzlies landscape includes places where life renewing natural processes such as fire, flood, avalanche areas , mountain meadows, rivers, and coastal areas create productive food sources.


70 to 80 percent of the grizzlies diet is plants, such as stems, leaves and, flowers, roots, and fruits. Meats include ground squirrels, marmots and mice which they can dig up. They will also feed on carrion if the opportunity arises . The sow will after hibernation sort out bighorn sheep and other large animals. The Grizzly can eat huge amounts of meat.


The grizzly mostly builds his den on the north and east side of the mountains, where snow melt does not start until late April or early may, the den could be a cave or a deep hollowed hole dug into a tree root . They enter the den in late October or November, just before the heavy snow arrives this way their tracks are covered. The bear soon falls asleep, it will not eat, drink or urinate , or defecate for six months.

Total length :- 6' to 8' 6" ft ( 1.8 m to 2.6 m )

Shoulder height :- 3' to 4' ft ( 0.9 m to 1.2 m )

weight:- 242 to 1200 Ibs (110 to 540 kg)

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