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The sun bear, Ursus Malayanus or Helarctos Malayanus . Living in the lowland tropical forests in South eastern Asia, are the smallest of all the bears. Looking like bear cubs the sun bear is about half the size of a black bear. Found in eastern Tibet , Sichuan China , Sumatra, the island of Borneo, Malayasian peninsula . Some other isolated populations are Mayanmar with ( Burma) , Cambodia ( Kampuchea ) , Thailand , Laos , Vietnam and parts of India.

Not much is known or documented about the sun bear, some biologists are concerned they may become extinct before any basic or biological information is done on them.


The sun bear occupies a variety of habitats, from the upper elevations in mountainous areas to the hardwood tropical forests of the lowlands which is their principal habitat. These forests have a dense canopy, lights and reaches the lower under story but is somewhat dark, here the bear can be well camouflaged up in the trees if threatened by the predators the tiger, leopards and snakes.

Feeding mostly on plants, especially fruits, they are fond of honey, and on the forest floor they break apart old tree trunks and feed on insect larvae, termites, and ants. Active day and night they will sleep at both times , but where humans inhabit they most likely become nocturnal.


For there size, the head is relatively large, wide and have massive teeth , with a large tongue adapted to reaching termites and insects. The claws are larger and turned in , the coat short and black, with a characteristic yellowish mark on the chest . Their sun bear name came because of their marks, sometimes it can be in the shape of the moon, so moon bear is another name for this bear.


Because of the widespread deforestation and the gull bladder trade the sun bear is under ever increasing stress in its natural habitat.

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