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Spectacled bear

The Spectacled bear is the only bear in South America. They are medium-sized for bear species but are the second largest land mammal in South America, only the tapir is larger.

Following their evolutionary path backwards to the Tremarctine ( short faced) bears in eastern Asia about 15 million years ago, they crossed the Bering land bridge and lived in North America, at this time the cooler climate would make the bear move further southwards into Central America until its final stronghold in the Andes Mountains.

The name Spectacled bear means bear with eyeglasses another means bromeliad-eating bear. Spending much of their time in the treetops the Spectacled bear is omnivorous feeding on plants and small mammals however primarily herbivorous they like fruits and bromeliads , which they eat high up in the trees where sometimes they will make a nest by pulling the branches together and then placing leaves on top here they may stay for a few days feeding on fruit until there is no more and will move on. The speckled bear has two predators the Mountain lion and the Jaguar .


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