bear pictures

Bear Pictures

Today 8 species remain, the ( Ursidea ) bear family first arrived some 20 million years ago. Bears have adapted well to the ever changing earth but only two bear species are not endangered. Humans for thousands of years revered bears fearing their enormous power and strength, giving the bear a wide area and respecting its habitat. Bears are generalists eating most forms of food except for polar bears which mainly eat meat and panda bears that eat bamboo. Bears are solitary animals giving each other space but always leaving scent marks and claw marks at times to communicate with other bears. View pictures of all these animals then read about how they evolved to this present day.

Polar bear

Black bear

Grizzly bear

Giant panda bear

Asiatic bear

Sloth bear

Sun bear

Spectacled bear


Pictures of panda bears

Pictures of polar bears


Pictures of black bears

Pictures of grizzly bears


Pictures of spectacled bears

Pictures of sun bears

Pictures of asiatic black bears

Pictures of sloth bears


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